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worstSaying this, he kissed the talisman, wrapped it up in a riband, and tied it carefully about his arm. Till now he had been almost a stranger to rest, his troubles always keeping him awake; but the next night he slept soundly: he rose somewhat later next morning than he used to do, put on his working clothes, and went to the gardener for orders what he should go about. The good man bid him root up an old tree that stood in a place to which he directed him, and was decaying. Camaralzaman took an axe, and began his work: cutting off a branch at the root, he found that his axe struck against something which resisted the blow,habitation and made a noise; he turned up the earth, and discovered a broad plate of brass, under which was a stair-case of ten steps; he went down, and at the bottom observed a cave of above six yards square, with fifty brass urns placed in order around it, each urn having a cover. He opened them all, one after another; and there was not one of them which was not full of gold dust.guilty He came out of the cave, rejoicing that he had found such a vast treasure: he replaced the brass plate on the stair-case, and next rooted up the tree, previous to the gardener's coming to see what he had done. habitation gratifying The palace-royal being by the sea-side, the new king, or rather the princess Badoura, espying the ship as she was entering the port, asked what vessel it was: she was answered, that it came from the city of the idolaters, from whence it used to come every year about that time, and was generally richly laden guilty According to the custom of the country, the token of the consummation of the marriage was to be produced and shown publicly. The two princesses concerted gardenera method to get over that difficulty: queen gardenerHaiatalnefous's women, though cunning and quick-sighted, were next morning deceived themselves, and king Armanos, his queen, and the whole court,fourscore completely beguiled. From this time the princess Badoura grew more and more in king Armanos's esteem and affection, governing the kingdom to his and his people's content, peaceably and prosperously. gardener friend She then opened her bosom, and, showing her naked breasts, proceeded thus: See, princess, if a woman, and a princesss like yourself, does not deserve to be forgiven; I believe you will be so good at least, when you know my story, and the terrible affliction that forced me to act the part you see. rewarding fourscore hadCamaralzaman was astonished at seeing these two birds fighting with their beaks, and that in a very little while one of them, fell down dead at the root of a tree; the bird that was victorious took wing again, and flew away.had In an instant, two other large birds, that had seen the fight at a distance, came from the other side of the garden, and pitched on the ground, one at the feet, and the other at the head of the dead bird: they looked upon it some time, shaking their heads, as if they were grieved at the death of their departed friend; after which, digging a grave with their talons, they interred the defunct. had hadThe prince, being obliged to hasten his departure, was at a loss what to do; he was afraid he should lose his voyage if he staid, and was very unwilling to leave his dead benefactor without paying the last duties of a friend, friendaccording to their law. He washed him, buried him in his own garden, (for the Mahometan's had no church-yard in the city of the idolaters, where they were only tolerated;) and though he did it as fast as he could, having nobody to assist him, it was almost night before he had put him in the ground. As soon as he had done so, he ran to the water-side, carrying with him the key of the garden; designing, if he had time, to give it to the landlord; otherwise to deposit it in some trusty person's hand before witnesses, that he might have it after he was gone. When he came to the port, he was told that the ship had sailedfourscore several hours before, and was already out of sight. It staid three hours for him; but, the wind being fair, the captain durst not wait longer.